let me tell you mine..

Before you share your story..

My name is Stephanie. I’m a self-taught photographer, wife, mother of two, a fur mom to two Yorkies and a Bengal kitten and I love to cook.

I call Discovery Bay, California home but my journey started in Stockholm, Sweden where I'm born and raised. I first came to America 15 years ago and it has been quite the adventurous journey ever since.

I love to explore new places and meeting new people and connecting with others is truly something I enjoy.

Friends is always on...

I'm also a big binge watcher of anything Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max. Some of my all-time favorite shows are Seinfeld, The Office, Grey's Anatomy and Friends is always on in the background. I'm a huge Marvel movie fan and I've seen all the movies several times, Iron Man and Black Panther is some of my top favorites and of course Spiderman(Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield are my favorites, sorry Tobey). This year we binged watched Stranger Things as a family and my daughter had it as her theme for her birthday. To say that we like the show is definitely an understatement. lol 😉 Another show we added to our favorites is Ted Lasso, if you haven't seen it, I can definitely recommend it.


In December 2022 I did a thing, I partnered up with Monat as a Market Partner(MP) and I am just so so excited to be a part of this company and the amazing community that they offer and I am just so stoked about all things hair care, skin care and wellness. I am reclaiming my life and focusing on self-care, self love and all the good things and I just cannot wait to share everything with you.


When we meet, I can promise you 2 things - there's definitely going to be a lot of laughs, as well as beautiful photo memories that we’ll create together.

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