A walk in the nature preserve.

We had to reschedule this session a couple of times because of weather. When Fall comes to Sweden it comes pretty fast and it’s like there’s no trace of the summer.

As I was driving to the session, I was looking for a glimpse of the sun but it looked like we were just going to have a gloomy day. My clients lives close to a nature reserve, so we decided to go for a walk in the forest. As we walk into the nature reserve the kids were telling me about the hill we’re walking up and how awesome it is during the winter when it snows. How they love sledding down the hill, and it sounds like so much fun and I could picture the winter as we walk up the path. I’m still hoping that the sun will show up and it’s actually starting to look promising.

I haven’t photographed families with teenagers in a while and I forgot how shy teenagers can get in front of the camera when its not a selfie, 😜 Jokes aside, the girls were so fun to photographed and so sweet with their brother. This family session was so much fun, love the whole vibe of the family, mom and dad joking and fun teasing the kids for smiles and loving on their kids. We talked about the differences living in California and Stockholm with the girls, little brother giving me complements about how young I look and Turbo the dog getting a little too friendly. lol 😂

At the end of the session the sun finally came out from the gloomy clouds and a gorgeous light appeared, I was so happy to get some images in that light, before the clouds quickly came back and covered the beautiful rays of sun.

This was such a fun session that I posted a fun reel from this session on instagram click ➡️ here to watch it!!