Bergianska Trädgården | Bergius Botanic Garden, Stockholm

It was a wonderful late summer Sunday afternoon in Stockholm and I was so happy it wasn’t raining because the weather had been bad leading up to this day. I was so excited to be back at this beautiful botanical garden. It’s ideally situated at Brunnsviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea, the garden is part of the city’s national park and a natural destination for a family outing, for recreation and study, or just a cup of coffee.

The Bergius Botanic Garden offers two greenhouses The Edvard Anderson Conservatory and the Victoria House, named after our crown princess of Sweden. At The Old Orangery Restaurant & Café you can enjoy a fika and/or a meal. There’s so many different parts of this garden, the orchard, the Japanese pond, rhododendron valley, vegetable & herb garden and so much more that it will take you several times visiting to explore it all.

I met H & E and their two boys at the parking lot and we walked passed the first section of Water-lilies, Magnolias, Orchids, Lilies, Poppies, Buttercups and Proteas to name a few. We walked by the vegetable and herb garden and the orchard and down to the Victoria house, and just pass the section of wild plants from the islands of Öland and Gotland, we found some trees that filtered the suns rays beautifully and decided this was a good spot for pictures.

I usually don’t direct my clients too much, I like capturing real moments but one of the things we start off with is usually walking together, this tends to loosen up some nervous energy. I’ve known H since high school because we have friends in common, but I haven’t seen her in forever, her oldest son N was just so big now and she got married to E since I last saw her so we were catching up on life and I was capturing images of them interacting and just loving on each other. I couldn’t stop smiling and just soaking up all the love and cuteness overload that H & E and the boys were radiating. Oh and don’t let me forget about the absolutely cute cardigan with the adorable panda buttons that baby K was wearing, handmade by E’s relative.

I left that session with the biggest smile on my face and so much love in my heart! ❤