Intimate and sweet "I dos" at Hannah Nicole Vineyards

Brooke reached out to me on Instagram in March, Shaun Samuels sent her my way, she was looking for a photographer to capture her and Jason's very intimate, "I dos" at Hannah Nicole Vineyards in early June. Her message, I must say, was everything I needed to quickly make an assessment to figure out if I would be able to do it or not. Brooke included all the details of what she wanted and what to expect, as well as the requested date and time, location, Officiant name and the name of her husband-to-be. I can't tell you how many brides reach out to me without ever mentioning their groom's name.

I sent over my wedding brochure and she told me her budget and we agreed on a package. I sent over the contract and Brooke signed it and paid the deposit. BOOKED!

Brooke wanted a referral for a florist and I gave her the info to another local business R Flowers and Baskets, and Brooke ended up using them, so yay for referrals.

Everything was set and now we had a couple of months until the big day.

I love it when clients actually follow me on Instagram and interact with my stories - that's how we build a relationship before we even meet. I don't follow all my clients as I want them to feel like they have the option to interact with me as much as they want without having to share everything with me. If we really connect, I do end up following them.

Brooke was just like that. She's a fellow photographer and we definitely bonded over that. We talked and interacted with each other in the coming weeks and once we got closer to their date, I reached out to check in and make sure we were still on the same schedule and to find out if there was any additional information I needed. Everything was going as planned.

The day of.

I arrived to Hannah Nicole Vineyards where I met Michelle and she gave me the information about where we were going to have the ceremony and where on the property we could take pictures afterward. Michelle was also the witness for the ceremony and was/is super sweet and helpful. I then met the Officiant of the day, Chris, who was super friendly and just had this great energy about him. I just knew it would be a beautiful ceremony.

The couple arrived and we talked for a few minutes. The setting was graced by a turkey that wanted to bless the ceremony(second image) lol

I won't go into details of the actual ceremony, that is private for my couple, but all I can say is that I had a hard time holding it together and not crying. It was such a beautiful, sweet and intimate ceremony. These two are true lovebirds and it was just such an honor to witness their love and to be able to capture these moments for them. I even got to sign their marriage license as a witness. First time doing that! 🥳

Brooke and Jason did record the ceremony for family and friends and Brooke made a beautiful video from the images I took, combined with the footage she captured on her phone and it was so beautiful. My message to her after watching the video, "I just finished watching and I'm here crying!! You two are seriously so sweet and I'm just in love with your love for each other. 🥰😭😍🙌🏽".

This was such a successful experience, from beginning to end, please look through the gallery below with some of our favorite images. 🥰