Wedding Portraits | Point Reyes

I'm thrilled to take you on an incredible journey of love, determination, and beautiful memories. Join me as I share the heartwarming tale of Missy and Jason, a couple who taught me that love knows no bounds, and sometimes, neither do wedding portraits!

As the end of last year approached, I had the honor of capturing Missy and Jason's intimate wedding ceremony, surrounded by their loved ones. The venue they had chosen had a romantic ambiance, but it posed a challenge due to its dim lighting. Missy and I had discussed this beforehand, and she expressed her desire for the wedding portraits to be taken at a different time and location.

After the New Year, Missy and I embarked on a mission to find the ideal location for their dreamy wedding portraits. Countless suggestions were explored, but our hearts settled on the breathtaking beauty of Point Reyes. The stunning landscapes and ethereal charm made it the perfect backdrop for their love story.

As we excitedly locked in early February for the photo session, we couldn't help but feel the anticipation building. However, nature had its own plans in store for us. A rainstorm forced us to reschedule, leaving us slightly disheartened but determined to try again. We picked another date, but once more, a rainstorm ruined our plans. It seemed like the weather was determined to test our resolve.

Finally, after months of planning, rescheduling, and anticipation, the long-awaited day arrived. On June 23rd, with optimism and excitement, Missy and Jason headed to Point Reyes for their wedding portraits. With all of the rescheduling, it worked out perfectly because it gave us the opportunity for my best friend, and fellow photographer, Shaun Samuels, to join us, making it a truly memorable and enjoyable experience.

As they say, good things come to those who wait. And it couldn't have been more accurate for Missy and Jason.

So, to all the couples out there who might think it's too late for their wedding portraits—take inspiration from Missy and Jason's story. Dust off those wedding clothes and embark on your own adventure of love and joy. After all, when love is involved, there's no such thing as "too late."