Discover The Red Door Gift Shop

It all began when Shirley, the visionary behind The Red Door Gift Shop, reached out to me through a referral from one of her talented vendors, Ashley of Ash's Creation Station. With enthusiasm, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of Shirley, her store, and the dedicated vendors, all to be showcased in an upcoming feature for 110º magazine. As we discussed our shared aspirations for the shoot, the awaited day finally arrived.

Walking into The Red Door Gift Shop was like entering a realm of creativity and community. I had the privilege of meeting numerous inspiring women makers, each emanating their distinctive creative spirit. My camera lens not only captured Shirley, the store's owner, but also the collective energy of the vendors whose contributions weave the vibrant tapestry of the shop. The resulting images radiate the essence of unity and collaboration, embodying the very heart of The Red Door Gift Shop.

Shirley Cordero, drawing from her 16 years in corporate management, discovered her true calling during the challenging times of Covid lockdowns. Making a significant life change, she settled in Brentwood and embarked on an inspiring journey by establishing The Red Door Gift Shop. Through this venture, she passionately supports over 50 entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of community and sparking boundless creativity. The shop itself is a haven of diverse crafts, hosting workshops, and captivating exhibits that spotlight local artists.

Shirley's relentless dedication and vision were acknowledged with a nomination for Start-Up of the Year, a testament to her commitment to transforming her area into a shopping haven akin to the success of the Downtown Brentwood Coalition. Her dreams know no bounds, as she contemplates expanding her reach into other counties, continually empowering the dreams of artisans far and wide.

I invite you to take a visual journey with us through the images captured during our unforgettable photo session. These snapshots, taken by Swede Pea Photography, provide a window into the heart of camaraderie and boundless creativity that define The Red Door Gift Shop. Explore, enjoy, and be inspired!